[XPOSED]Make it Simple —— Remove Simple Status Bar, help you remove it.

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CodeingBoy 4月 12, 2014

I am not satisfied for the simple status bar in expanded status bar.It occupies part of the space, but do not compatible with this theme will display a black bar, making the notification bar style is extremely inconsistent.

So I made a Xposed Module to solve it,it is my first Xposed module also.

What it can do?

It can remove the top bar in expanded status bar, which is called simple status bar.

Here's what you got before using it(the first picture) and after using it(the second picture):

How to use it?

It's very easy:

  1. Download and install Xposed Installer or WSM tools if you don't have one.And install Xposed framework.
  2. Download the module, and install it to your phone.
  3. Enable it in Xposed installer or WSM tools.
  4. Reboot, and it should work well.

If you have any trouble after enabling it…

  • Disable it and reboot.
  • See following steps.

If you get a bootloop after installing framework or module…

  • Boot to recovery,and flash Xposed-Disabler-Recovery.zip in your sdcard, and reboot.
  • Delete Xposed framework and / or module by using ADB.
  • Flash latest full packages.
  • Flash latest full packages by MiFlash.
  • If your MIUI version is 4.2.X ( X is between 1 to 28), please retry after update to latest version.

Module compatibility

System and hardware

MIUI 4.3.28-MI 2 Passed(Test by me)
MIUI 4.4.4-MI 2 Passed(Test by me)
MIUI 4.4.11-MI 2 Passed
Xposed can't work well on MIUI 4.2.X(X is between 1 to 28).So you can't use it on that version.
Please do not use it on a MIUI which have no simple status bar.
This module is developed only for MIUI V5.Please do not use it in other Android ROMs(such as AOSP).


Xposed Installer 2.5(app_process version:50,XposedBridge.jar version:46):Passed
WSM Tools 2.1.8(app_process version:47,XposedBridge.jar version:46):Passed

Open source

Click here to Github and see module's source code.

Risk Warning



  • Thanks for rovo89's Xposed framework and develop documents.
  • Thanks to rovo89 and GermainZ for answering my question in XDA forum.



Bug Report

If you find any bug, or have any suggestions, you can reply here and I will try to fix it.

Update Log

1.0:Initial Version
1.1:Some optimization
1.2:Add english app name and description.
1.3:Key change.Now release is signed and zipaligned.
(Before installing 1.3, you should uninstall older version first.)
1.4:Bug fix.(Thanks to @lvjunabc and @歌舞升平里 's feedback!)
(Before installing 1.4, you should uninstall older version first.)

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